Mints, Jelly Bellies? Nope, Hummingbird Eggs!

When I said a good day is uneventful…well that was before the hummingbird nest was found in my Dragon Madagascar Tree at my front door. I am absolutely ecstatic! Mama bear called the Wild Bird Center in Encinitas for advice. All crow- attracting nuts are retrieved from Songbird feeders. Thoroughly and organically washed is the hummingbird feeder, and replenished with a homemade concoction of sugar and purified water. I might just have to buy night vision goggles and a camouflage jumpsuit.

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Puppy Prints and Mermaid Tails

Making a place or space look and feel nice is what I miss. Cleaning multi-million-dollar homes or giving massages in a 5-diamond hotel spa isn’t something I wish to do again. However, leaving a home impeccably clean and tidy feels like a damn good accomplishment. Partially because I don’t have to witness anybody come muck it up. After a spa treatment, feeling connected to a relaxed client is gratifying. In part, because I don’t see the next time their muscles tense up due to a stressful situation. One home we cleaned had an elevator because there were so many floors. Their parrot had a master suite for itself. Sounds cool, until the bathroom shower needed cleaning. The owners locked the bird inside when it misbehaved. Looked like a crime scene to me. Shit and feathers everywhere with nowhere to perch but the showerhead. Then there is the 10 years’ worth of bizarre stories as a massage therapist that either happened to me or to a co-worker. No, I shan’t mention those.? Okay why not.? A male therapist had a male client leave a tip on the counter before the massage started. Clearly stating he wanted ‘more’ than what was specified on the menu. This client had huge disgusting moles all over his back. As the therapist massaged the infected muscles, bits of mole crumbled off. The client left the treatment with tip in-hand as well has fecal matter on the sheets. No, no, no, it’s best to think about cleaning the happy Jewish and Christian homes during the winter holiday and massaging loving couples on Valentine’s Day. Walking in to a well-cared for home with already made beds with the smell of fresh laundry in the air. Giving body work to polite celebrities in film or sports. After filming all day or a rough basketball game remained polite and decent. Likewise, today I appreciate the small spaces made nice… until disheveled. Instead of cashmere blankets and crisp linen, I’ll embrace wrinkled puppy-print, and mermaid tails.

Geena Davis

On season 3, episode 4, Geena Davis was interviewed on Netflix series, The Hollywood Masters. She openly recognized her chattiness, even so, I found her to have earthy confidence and a calming charisma.  Today she has been on my mind, so venturing to know more, on IMDb I found out she speaks Swedish and attended school in Sweden as a foreign exchange student. This bit of info interested me because my great grandmother immigrated from Sweden to America, thus I am 27% Swede. Geena leads a fascinating life. The most of which for me is her institute on gender in the media.

If you think we are set in gender equality or have come a long way, think again.

A Good Day is an Uneventful Day

Tie-Dye, our bearded dragon, and I watched the birds this morning. These feathered friends look so weathered and yet seem upbeat and capable of doing their thing. For the most part it was an uneventful day, which always translates to good. Exciting is unpredictable and not preferable; because for our family it means and ER visit, a screaming match between siblings or someone is in some type of ‘crisis’ mode. So I’ll gladly take an unremarkable or uneventful any day!



Beauty Even in Murky Waters

Mother-Daughter Jewelry
A weathered and murky mind
Youthful, vibrant and primed
Time and space with nature kind
Mother and Daughter intertwined
Love braided and brave
afflictions to stave
Strong rope of joinery
A priceless jewelry


A Morning of Doves: A Night-Cap of Tea

Here in Oceanside, California we have received much rain. The birds are so cheery in this weather. They make pitter patters on my heart when seeing them so chipper. This morning during a break from the wet air, I went to the backyard for some fruit from the trees: guava, lemon, and orange. As the night rolls in, a freshly picked lemon adds nicely to chamomile tea. img_4217img_4233img_4237img_4252 (2)img_4272img_4274img_4279img_4280img_4282img_4264img_4276 (2)