A Sequence of Events

It is interesting how a sequence of events line themselves up. It isn’t until the end; we look back and see they came in some type of order.

At the end of its second season, Jake and I started watching the television series, Homeland. We would have to watch at least 3-4 episodes before going to bed each night. It brought Jake and I closer as a couple. The characters are eye-candy so that might have helped. But part of having a healthy intimacy is creating interesting conversations. We were able to talk about each episode to see how and why we would react if we were in the same situation. It does a great job of showing both sides of the story and leaves you thinking the next direction could go either way.

When Jake and I finished the second series, we had withdrawals. It did such a good job of making all the characters lovable. It left me loving my country more and compassionate for the people who live in countries America has conflicts with. Without knowing my intentions, I was guided to make a small impression on my children’s lives.

But how can a child be subjected with a subject so heavy? These varieties of books easily lift the weight and show us how to come together. I would encourage all ages to read: Is There Really a Human Race? The Golden Rule, The Funny Little Woman, The Road to Mumbai, Numero Uno.


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