The Empty Baggie

It’s a journey when discovering something new about prayer. For over a year now Jake and I have been working towards receiving something. For the sake of privacy I’ll refer this something as Precious. It’s been difficult and included lots of praying, pondering, and self-reflecting. Along the way we felt on the right path of doing the right thing. Our hearts were entirely in it and continually striving for good intentions.

At the end of 2012 we had a strong impression we needed to find a new place to live. Not far, but far enough we changed schools for our kids. I equated this urge to mean it would help smooth and quicken our endeavors of obtaining our Precious. We soon realized that our move didn’t make us any closer, it set us back. The result of our endeavors caused too much conflict and our hearts pulled out. Frustration and disappointment settled in. We went to the Lord again in prayer. This time it was to concur we were supposed to stop. After sleeping on the matter, we felt good about not furthering our efforts. It hurt to say goodbye to a dream I kept for 20 years.

Why pray for something and have it feel so right, when the result won’t be the thing you’ve set your heart on? I can’t answer that. But I do have an answer that gave me comfort. Please bear with me as I relate another story. If it sounds off-hand, I assure you it has a point.

Walking up a steep incline to pick my daughter up from school, there was a lady walking four large dogs. Being the animal lover I am, the sight looked friendly. I attempted to congratulate the lady on having wonderful, handsome dogs. A canine approached me. Dogs usually like me, so my thought was, Oh how cute. But apparently it was telling me I was too close because then it bit my inner thigh! I used this situation to teach my children about dog-safety. Our own dog has troubles nipping at small boys and men. Having my own pet dilemmas I know even good dogs bite given the right circumstance.

The girls and I went hiking at the Batiquitos Lagoon. I made sandwiches beforehand because I knew they would gain an appetite. They chose to leave them in the car and eat when we were on our way home. Along the trail, a lady was walking the opposite direction of us. A large brownish-black dog was leashed to her hand. She asked the girls if they wanted to pet him. In unison I said, “I think we’ll pass,” and the girls said, “Sure!” I didn’t feel the need to control the situation. The lady made her dog sit down and the girls were led to pet the dog. It was a good experience for us; another safety-dog lesson learned.

Anticipation for food was high when we got to the car. Unfortunately one of my girl’s sandwiches was nowhere to be found. She prayed to Heavenly Father that she would find her sandwich. I thought it was faithful of her, but didn’t share her same enthusiasm.

When we got to the drive-way of our place, my daughter opened her door. On the cement, there lay a clear baggie. A hole ripped right in the middle, the bag left empty and covered in dog saliva. Each interaction that day led me to the next. In that moment I knew my prayer was answered. God knew the best way I would learn, so he put two important creatures in my life; dogs and children. My feelings of moving to a new place did smooth and speed our process. Instead of obtaining our Precious it was to be able to let it go.









One thought on “The Empty Baggie

  1. Love you. Love this post. I’m so happy for your peace. Isn’t it funny the things that God can communicate with us through? I think it’s really beautiful – shows a lot of beauty in you – that you found a message from Him in a saliva-covered plastic bag. (That might sound sort of snarky, but I mean it really seriously! You were ready for a message whatever the language it came in, and you were sensitive enough and ready to receive it when it did come. And real messages are so beautiful – and so precious.)


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