A Past Relived

Below the third stanza is something I wrote on July 2, 2011. It was during a time Mumford and Sons was being heavily used. Recently I came across the document and thought another read through would be fun. Maybe I could even put it on WordPress.

The inner dialog to myself during the read-through went something like this: Hmmm.  I like it, but don’t really get itMaybe I should edit it? I don’t even know where to start, it would be like sending it through the meat grinder. Screw it, I’ll leave it as is.

Back then it was posted at another blog I had. The explanation of why it’s getting re-posted here is not because of it’s potential. It’s because I wrote this a year and a half after my sister died. It wasn’t until recently the cloud of grief lifted. Of course, when thinking of the event it still makes me sad. It always will.  But I wasn’t fully aware of the cloud until it was gone. It was Mumford and Sons who comforted me during this period. So here is my failed attempt to describe how I used their music for healing.


This pip anthology music review has been in my conscience for some time now.

Other artists will be mentioned, but my inspiration is fortified from the band Mumford and Sons. It is to them, I bestow my words.

When Mumford and Sons combobulate their lyrics, vocals, and instruments it enchants me on a metaphysical level. It is as though they’ve lived my life. Watched the entire story recorded behind my eyes, inside my heart and into my mind. If one were able to nuzzle a singing voice, my arms would be around Marcus Mumford’s.

English Folk Pop band was something I looked up to describe what type of genre M&S is. However, genre searching was not how I discovered them. Not quite sure what source it was from, but upon hearing them, I needed more.  Pandora’s station, M&S has a great hodge-podge of music. It’s an eclectic range of rhythmic piano, banjo, cello and violin. The vocals are sensuous. Smiley artists like Penguin Café Orchestra and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros play here.

This station is good for creating, crying, cleaning, and clowning around in the sun.  The music transforms your car into a dance studio. If, at first you go to the station and are displeased, keep listening or try it again another day. If at the least, you will find a new favorite Pandora station within the M&S station.

Listening to their station my thoughts weave in and out of the lyrics, intertwining as one composition.  This is somewhat of how our alphabet letters merge:

Long nights under the stars when babies are born,

Concerts, Kisses, and cones filled with flavored sno,

Convertibles with lots of snarly hair and wind flow,

If one were to Send Me on My Way Back to my Rusted Roots I would be more patient  and less stubborn.

Trying to Sigh No More from death and how it has accompanied me through life. “We are not alone” in each of our sighs. Alongside me some have experienced my same loss and felt it in their own soul somatic sphere. (Mumford and Sons)

At some point and for whatever reason, everyone Sit(s) Down by the Fire. (Veils)



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