A Mind is Playing While a Story is Read


This is an enjoyable book because it teaches us to appreciate what we do have.


Normally books I don’t like, aren’t posted. However, this one made it. The cover looks sweet doesn’t it? Along the way it is almost sweet, until the end. I feel like it teaches young kids it’s okay to throw things at people when you want them to go away. At the end of the book Eden replied, “That’s a sad story.”


What a lovely book that captures fantasy and vivid imagination! It softly depicts humanity.


Stuart Murphy has a series of these books. To quote the inside of the sleeve, “I see I learn teaches important skills for school readiness and daily life: Social Skills-Emotional Skills-Health and Saftey Skills- Cognitive Skills.” This book looked so user-friendly I check-out every title the library had in stock. It was worth it. I liked them all and so did the kiddos.


I would rather a cover look mean and crabby but then suprise you with it’s goodness. This great book teaches about playground etiquette.


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