Say Grace 17 Times

The beginning of the year when new resolutions were made; I found mine. First let’s point out the two I remember from 2012. It could be the only two I made and that’s why I remember them, but most likely it’s because they didn’t get done. Failure #1- Learning a Christmas carol on the guitar. Failure #2-Sew my girls Halloween costumes.

For 2013 there aren’t going to be any lists of things to do or numbers on a scale to attain. The resolutions that have worked in the past were ones like: Forgiveness and Love. I grew spiritually, my perspective widened, and my life was deeply enriched. At the end of those years I felt better instead of heavily ladened.

Grace. That is the one for 2013. One word leaves it opened to a diverse sorts of experiences and lessons. I do have questions about Grace that will hopefully guide me in the right direction. What is Grace? What does it mean to have Grace? When I have it, what will it look and feel like? In Christian scriptures, prophets and leaders talk about the Grace of Jesus. On paper I understand it, but my bones don’t. I could memorize the definition of Grace and give that answer when asked. Except I want Grace to imprint itself into my spirit. I want Grace to naturally manifest itself into my character. I’m not expecting to have a super-model graceful walk. That got kicked out the door long ago and unfortunately, if I’m on this journey to find Grace it is forth telling that Grace isn’t apart of me naturally. But  when I die it would be nice if people said, “Oh boy, that Heidi sure wasn’t graceful, but she sure did have Grace.

I want to be aware of Grace when it’s given. I’ve seen and felt it in others, but not until it’s past. I want to be present with Grace. Maybe some will say, Grace shouldn’t be a project. That takes away the sincerity of it. Well, I sincerely want more of Grace.


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