Newport Beach California

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Yesterday for Mother’s Day weekend we went to Newport Beach. Corona Del Mar beach was where we enjoyed the sand, sun, and splashing waves. We had dinner at Café Rio and then visited the LDS temple. This was a spontaneous trip so I didn’t look up the temple pictures before-hand. I was surprised to see that the temple isn’t a gleaming white. It is enchanting and very beautiful! Today we enjoyed church and made the sabbath a relaxing one.

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Favorite library check-outs for April 2013

In no particular order


Finn Throws a Fit!

What If Everybody Did That?

Big Bouffant

In most cases if I have a favorite children’s book it means the illustrations were great. Having said that, Big Bouffant has my favorite illustrations out of this selection. I could be bias considering both my kids are girls and the story is about hair.

Hooway for Wodney Wat


The Kissing Hand


Mean Soup


Little Bit Scary People

My favorite storyline out of this selection. I had a sibling growing up who made certain decisions that would make other parents turn their heads. I know one parent in particular who thought my sibling was a “bad influence” on me. Fortunately I knew my sibling better then that adult.

Hokey Pokey: Another Prickly Love Story


Eden’s Buckaroo 5th Birthday

Eden's Bday_20130420_0006

Eden's Bday_20130420_0010


At the Bheau View Ranch in San Marcos, California


If and when I have more time pictures will be added. We were blessed to have my mom come out and share in Eden’s party. There were about 10 kids plus their parents here. Other than the ranch dog trying to eat the kids food, it was a good experience. The main attraction was the pony rides. The other fun things were: it had a little playground area with swings, pot belly pigs, goats. The ambience was quiet and calm. We had a horse piñata, homemade miniature barns to play with, painted sun catchers, and of course food was eaten.