The Jedi’s and Jesus

We went to Big Bear, California over the weekend. For the most part it was fun and we all got along. I did feel the girls were fighting too much, particularly over our condo key. When they would go outside to play, each of them wanted to be in charge of getting back into the room. This was a cause of contention throughout the trip. I was struggling to find ways on how to parent without losing my dignity, so I prayed about it.

Yesterday evening when the girls were arguing again, the idea occurred that hymns about Jesus needed to be played. So I hooked my Iphone up to a speaker and sang songs. It helped…for a half hour or so. Eden still needed a long quiet-time-out in my bedroom. It was difficult to get her to put herself there, but she made it. I think after that, the night was without incident.

We bought passes to Legoland recently and they have a huge exhibit of Star War scenes and characters. So at Big Bear, Jake and I thought it would be fun as a family to watch 4-6 Star Wars Episodes. The girls loved them!! When we got home today, Eden and Ayzia were having a friendly debate about who saves the earth. Ayzia says to Eden, “You can talk about Jesus and I can talk about super heroes.”(Super Heroes, meaning the Jedi’s)”


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