How many times is a professor allowed to use the ‘F’ word in a class room?

The girls and I started school this week. The oldest is in first grade and the youngest is in kindergarten. I should correct myself and say, “The oldest is in college.” I’ve been to three years of college back at ages 18-20, but at 35 I’m still pretty much starting over. The previous transcripts consist of classes such as: art, music, guitar, wheel throwing and badminton. Needless to say, even though I knew what my degree was to be; I was directionless and flighty! I look back and think, thank goodness I didn’t become an elementary teacher! Knowing myself a little bit better now, it’s evident I would have sucked!

Which lends me to mention a couple of things I have observed with my college classes.  In my Native American History class today; we had a substitute.  It is only the second day of class, but I testify this sub is a much better teacher then the one assigned to me.  My hope is the regular teacher’s lack of enthusiasm will transfer over when it’s time to give grades. Hopefully she will be enthused to give high grades. Although the teacher isn’t enthusiastic, she is professional.

My English teacher- first day, threw down some swears, including the ‘F’ word at least 3-4 times. One of which, was in the sentence, “I’m a pretty chill guy, but you don’t want to fuck with me.” (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.)  My AIS teacher said the same thing, but with dignity. However, the English teacher is very enthusiastic and easy to learn from.  Out of the 2 English classes, I haven’t daydreamed, which is saying a lot for me. So maybe this says something about me; I need to be a little offended in order to keep me interested.

On the note of saying something about me:  First let me preface; trusting in your instinct is different then trusting in your sense of direction. Most of the time, my natural instincts are right, but I rarely trust them. My sense of direction is mostly wrong, yet I find myself trusting it too often. This concept became all too apparent today, when I had to park in a different lot and became lost and confused as to how to find it again once my class was over.


One thought on “How many times is a professor allowed to use the ‘F’ word in a class room?

  1. I have 260 semester hours of University classes which is about 8 years. I have had instructors from some of the best universities in America and I never heard such language used in a classroom setting. I personally believe it violates college and university ethics standards as well showing a lack of respect toward the students who should expect much more from a class that they paid for. Using language as intimidation or for shock value is tool that some instructors use at the college level. it diminishes the students at which it is aimed and is intended to do so. Apologies sometimes follow the use a such language but those apologies don’t mean much when the vulgarity was preplanned.


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