Art Journaling- Ivy’s Birth

We wanted a name that would combine Ayzia and Eden, both in the letters and personality.

During the sonogram, the fetus felt sweet spirited; kind and gentle. Months later when we found their sex to be female; the name Ivy felt sweet and feminine. Also, I started back to college during my pregnancy. Minda is Hindu and means knowledge. My older sister’s name is Mindy and since she passed away 4 years ago, Minda also honors her.


Ayzia, our oldest is pronounced like the continent Asia. Although she isn’t named after Asia, the Garden of Eden (Eden being our second girl) is estimated to have been in Asia. The plant Ivy (our youngest), was most likely found in the Garden of Eden. So the order of our girls’ names fit the order of their births.



Ayzia and Eden were born in the 5 o’clock pm hour. In the delivery room, it was kind of a joke that; if Ivy wanted to keep up with her older sisters, she would need to be born within their same time frame. Not surprisingly, Ivy trumped her sisters by 4 minutes! Also, all four members of our family are born on a odd day; 21st, 13th, 15th, 17th, 5th.




I feel being gluten- free this pregnancy, the weight gain wasn’t as much as I had with the other two. But, don’t mistaken this for not getting big. Boy was my stomach ever so large! Much larger than my other two pregnancies.



On the right is Nana. She was a cherished blessing to each member of our family when Ivy was born.




We wanted a name that would combine Ayzia and Eden, both in their letters and personality. Because Ivy came almost 6 years after our youngest, it was important that all three of them felt connected to one another; despite their age differences. Ivy the plant, has the ability to be mobile, weaving in and out of it’s surrounding and connecting itself.




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