Horizontal Surfaces




I want to remember the feeling of tonight. It took about 2 hours of work to get Ivy down to sleep-if you count the interruptions of Ayzia and Eden, plus the much-needed spider poison I sprayed outside around the house. While giving ‘soft tickles’ to Ayzia and Eden so they ‘felt tired’ enough to stay in bed; the feeling of ‘being proud of myself’ came over me. Why am I feeling proud of myself? Every horizontal surface in our house is filled with clutter and I feel relaxed enough to blog and watch some Fallon.  Before kids, if I came home to this image, I would have gone APE SHIT!  There are probably two reasons why I am able to reach this state of being: I’m just too tired to care, and enough life experiences has taught me that clutter is the least of my worries. So to all those who have cluttered horizontal surfaces; this one is on me- to go watch your favorite TV show.





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