Humor in the Humble



Humor has always been important to me. Mainly because my life  is filled with embarrassing moments. The day of getting lost was extremely mortifying and energy draining. I definitely didn’t have anything to laugh about. The day of getting lost made the next day so hilarious, mostly because there just wasn’t any more room for sulking. But also, if embarrassment is open to humbling, humor can be found.





Eden hadn’t seen my full outfit up until this point. When I got out of the car she looked at my pants and laughed, “You have grass stains all over your pants!” They were new pants that were purposely faded on the front thigh area. Apparently the fading looked more like grass stains! It made me laugh. Then she asked if they were cat pants because the fading around the pockets looked like cat whiskers.  Today was filled with laughter. Thank goodness, because it could have easily have gone like the day before where adversity meant sulking and crying. But today it meant smiling and laughing.



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