Transgender/Dr. Paul R. McHugh

CNS news website has an interesting article on Dr. Paul R. McHugh, a psychiatrist at John Hopkins hospital, and how he views transgender as a form of mental illness. Dr. Paul R McHugh helps support his theory by giving the example of how a person with anorexia sees themselves as over weight. He also reveals that a large majority of transgender people who undergo a sex change, still commit suicide. He also uncovers the fact that 70-80% of children who experience transgender feelings in their youth outgrow these feelings. Whether or not you believe in his method of treatment, this article is still an interesting read in helping understand transgender. I mentioned in a previous post, but feel the need to restate it again; that whatever form of treatment used for transgender is a personal decision and hopefully is done methodically. Each person deserves our love and respect.




Youth At Any Age

While strollercizing Ivy on a track around a baseball field,  a slogan ran through my mind, Youth At Any Age. The first person I saw was a man past his peak of high metabolism. He was walking a little Yorkshire Terrier. The man’s pace allowed me to get a good look at his dog’s little visor that kept the sun out of his eyes. The second person I saw was another man, who wore a floral Hawaiian shirt and had settled into his creaky bones. He walked with a black lab mix. They looked to have arthritis problems because not only were they walking slow, it seemed difficult.The slogan came to mind when I saw the slow arthritic black lab step onto the grass of the baseball diamond. It was as though happiness pumped energy into his body. He skipped…if dogs can skip, and then he lay on his back with its mouth wide open and rolled around in pure delight.

Seeing the two men and there dogs at separate times, it’s likely they didn’t know each other. Since they were without another human, I imagine the probable causes as to why. I took comfort that whatever their circumstances were in life, they both chose to go out walking and had a companion to share their time with. Coincidently, as I was ending  my strollercizing, another man who had many good years left of playing ball, entered the track with his dog. Something in the Universe was definitely showing me, Youth At Any Age!