Olivenhain Pioneer Cemetery

Visiting cemeteries is considered a hobby of mine. I enjoy them even when it is not Memorial Weekend. However, it is hard to locate them in San Diego, especially nice ones that are well kept. The native don’t even seem to know.It’s hardly likely there aren’t any deaths. Where do San Diego residents put their dead people? Maybe there are a lot of cremations here. I’d be curious to know the statistics. My original plan was to take Ayzia and Eden to Eternal Hills Memorial Park because I know it is large, well kept and pleasant to visit. However, my poor navigation skills guided me to Olivenhain Pioneer Cemetery.  Olivenhain is a wealthy neighborhood of Encinitas where residents live on large plots of land. Most of their land’s vegetation is lush and lively. I was seeking for directions when a pharmacist working at the nearby Rite Aid, whom was a long-time resident said, “I haven’t been there for years!.” Her comment and the fact that there aren’t pronounced road signs for the place indicated this was going to be small. I found this little gem in need of loving maintenance. While the site itself is lacking in appeal, the surrounding view is beautiful. This place is peaceful and the girls discovered a fun little trail that provided most of the pictures. If you’re looking for spritely spook at night, this might be the place for you.

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