Ivy’s 2nd Birthday

Back around Halloween time, the three girls and I went into a costume store. A huge man size gorilla costume was hanging from the ceiling. Ivy looked up and with excitement said, “Monkey!” It was one of the first clear words she had said. After that, she loved to say the word whenever she got the chance. It so happened that monkeys seemed to have appeared everywhere: books, television, movies, clothes, paper plates. So I thought, “Heck, why not?”


I think she’s eating a sausage link here. There are several things in this picture we are exposing, so why not a half-bitten greasy sausage?

2016Jan05_0042Since she’s only two, I guess it’s okay to write about some of her personality and tendencies. She might be the child to make me completely deaf, because she screams so loud when she doesn’t get what she wants. Which makes her an effective communicator.  She knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t. It’s either up or down, in or out, on or off, and heaven-forbid if I get it wrong. She is just like our other children in the sense that she loves to laugh, be silly and make people happy. She likes a sense of thrill and to go places.  When there isn’t a moment of something occupying her mind, we have endless phone videos of her friend Spencer and family so that she can watch them and talk to them whenever she wants. Oh, and she is the size of a 3 1/2- 4 year old! Watch out Project Runway, she’s coming for you some day!


Ayzia’s 9th Birthday

Strawberry Cake with Neapolitan ice cream

Strawberry Cake
with Neapolitan ice cream

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Sunland Ranch 2-15-2016

Sunland Ranch

Ayzia’s Birthday fell on President’s Day so she didn’t have school. I couldn’t tell if she was glad about that or not. Two of her favorite places to get food are Panda Express and Souplantation, so that is what we had for lunch and dinner. Before her riding lesson, we went swimming, but I can’t seem to find any photos. I could have sworn I took some…