Girls Road Trip 2016

The girls and I went on a quick road trip to Gilbert AZ to see some of our really good friends. Even thought it was short, it was packed full with fun. Other places we went to that aren’t seen here in these pictures are Sodalicious and a waterpark. I hadn’t been to Scottsdale but I was happy to see Native American stores and several of the employees at Butterfly Wonderland were Native American. The street signs also have Native American names. Ever since I was little there has been a kinship to their culture and it pleases me when they are portrayed with positive images. 20160627_024221825_iOS20160627_024245716_iOS20160627_174004754_iOS20160627_174049187_iOS20160627_174418695_iOS20160627_180304363_iOS20160627_175238834_iOS20160627_180905028_iOS20160627_204254901_iOS20160627_205758124_iOS



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