Unfreezing the Stereo Types in Disney Movies

Warning- this contains ‘spoiler alerts’  for those who haven’t seen the movie Frozen

Jake and I took the girls to see the movie Frozen over Thanksgiving weekend.  From the preview I saw, the actual storyline in the full- length movie was delightfully surprising. It seems Disney is slowly making headway toward empowering the female role. Instead of giving you a synopsis of the story, I’ll tell you what I liked and didn’t.


  • In most Disney movies, the girl ends up with or marries the first guy she falls in love with. This movie made a point as to why this isn’t always a good idea.
  • Anna was depicted as having strength. She took charge and went looking for her sister. When Anna asks Kristoff to help, her character remained empowered.
  • Kristoff wasn’t portrayed as the most handsome or perfect, but ultimately he was the better man.
  • Elsa was able to experience freedom, shed her fear and discover her talents.
  • The music
  • Most importantly, it showed the impact of love between sisters.


  • The parents were warned about fear being the primary evil in Elsa’s life, but yet they surrounded her with it: taking her sister away, isolating her in the bedroom, eliminating outside contact, depriving her sources of love. I get why this was done-possibly to show the magnitude of its destruction. But it’s frustrating that the parents – the source of protection and guidance – were made to fulfill this adversary role.
  • Then, the parents died and didn’t have a chance to redeem themselves.  In many Disney movies both parents are dead or at least the mom is. If the parents are alive, mainly the mother figure, they(she) are portrayed as tyrants. The parents in Brave were tyrants, but at least they were able to redeem themselves in the end.





A Monster in Paris

                                                                                                    Super cute movie! It’s more thrilling than scary and the monster turns out to be a lovable creature.

Jump Start Your Valentine


Peanut Butter Temptations ll

Jake and I watched  The Baker. It’s also named Assassin in Love. Either title suits the film just fine. What mattered to me was that it had Damian Lewis in it. It is a romantic comedy with British flare. The combination of this movie and a friend going through a difficult situation inspired me to make these. They are the most delicious gut-bombs ever! Here are two links:first lead is for the movie, second lead is for the recipe.



Disgraced By a Red-Band Trailer

Jake and I saw Django Unchained last night. Excellent acting, directing and everything that went into the movie. It definitely had Quentin Tarantino flare and absolutely deserved all the controversy it’s gotten. The movie messed with my brain, it was hard to sleep. It didn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy that’s for sure.

The main thing that pissed me off? Was the movie trailer before it started. Apparently there are red-band movie trailers -which I didn’t know existed- allowed in theatres. I feel like my rights were violated. I didn’t come to see what explicit contents this trailer had to offer.


I’m a big girl and if I want to watch a rated R movie, such as Django, I know how to find out who takes part in making the film and why is it given the rating it has. Before committing my time and money to support a film, it is methodically planned.