Did you see Jesus on the Cover of Forbes Magazine?

With all the events in the news and media, it makes me curious; how would Jesus be portrayed if he were living today? With the advertisements, the weekly hot sales and the latest trends; would Jesus be on the cover of Forbes or on People’s list of Sexiest Man Alive?

Although curiosity is exciting, I want to be interested, and the interesting thing is: Jesus is alive! When we have Him in our hearts everyday; all these things mentioned above don’t matter. Why? Because Jesus is the latest trend, he is the sexiest man alive, and the richest man. It is where our priorities are within these categories’ and how we interpret their definitions.

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He is Risen


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This Joyful Eastertide


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Living for Jesus



Herod’s Temple

Unorthodox Faith

During the message today, I mentioned a model of Herod’s temple that was built by a British pensioner. The man’s name is Alex Garrard, and he spent the last thirty years constructing his model – which stretches 20 feet long and 12 feet wide. Sadly, Mr. Garrard passed away in 2010, and the model is no longer displayed for the public.

You can read the Telegraph article about Garrard and his hobby. I have to say that while the Holyland Model is pretty cool (I saw it in 1997), the scale of Garrard’s model makes it pale in comparison. The Holyland Model is 1:50 scale, and Garrard’s is 1:100, but Garrard’s is much more focused on the temple complex itself.

Here are some pictures of Garrard’s amazing model. They help us get a grasp of the massive complex begun by Herod the Great in 19BCE and completed in 62CE. The…

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Peeps Pops & Free Printable Flags

what a cute idea!

ya gotta have a hobby...

Peeps Pops & Free Easter Printables from Ya Gotta Have a Hobby

Looking for a cute & quick gift for Easter? These Peeps Pops are just the ticket!

All you need are several different colors of Peeps marshmallows, lollipop sticks (bamboo skewers will work as well), my printable “Favorite Peeps” flags (available at the bottom of this post), scissors, double sided tape or glue dots, and baker’s twine or ribbon.

Peeps Pops & Free Easter Printables from Ya Gotta Have a Hobby

To make your Peeps Pops, simply thread three or four Peeps in alternating colors onto your lollipop stick.

Peeps Pops & Free Easter Printables from Ya Gotta Have a Hobby

Print the Favorite Peeps flags onto cardstock, and trim with scissors or an Exacto knife.  Wrap the flag around the lollipop stick, and secure with double sided tape or glue dots.

Peeps Pops & Free Easter Printables from Ya Gotta Have a Hobby

Cut a length of twine or ribbon and tie a bow around the base of the flag.

Simple as that!

By the way, aren’t these glittery egg ornaments and pipe cleaner chicks the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Peeps Pops & Free Easter Printables from Ya Gotta Have a Hobby

Together with these Peeps Pops…

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